How to Book

Book by email or phone…

Simply call on 07812713153, or email to discuss your requirements then book – secure transactions can be made after this first contact. You will be sent an email within 24 hours to discuss your requirements. This email will contain full joining instructions and payment details.

Online Bookings

…are no longer available. We pride ourselves in delivering tailor-made training and activities, so we really need to have a short conversation with you before billing to ensure you get exactly what you need. Please email or call 07812713153.


Details for bank transfers will be given upon booking – secure PayPal bookings can be made also.

In most cases full payment will be requested upon booking. There may be an option to spread the cost, this should be discussed upon booking. For large events, we understand that getting the money together from multiple participants may take time – and we can accommodate this.

All prices listed on this website are the final prices you will pay.


We have never cancelled a course since we began trading – if we ever do, a full refund will be given and a 10% discount for a future course will be offered. Courses will not be cancelled by us for bad weather – where possible more sheltered locations will be found for activities in bad weather. Fees are not refundable if the client cancels their booking or fail to show up on the day of the booking.


Any fees paid for courses and events are not refundable unless in the highly unlikely event that we cancel. The only reason we will ever cancel is last minute staff illness.

While every effort is made by Gritstone Adventure Activities to ensure safety, all customers should be aware that there is an inherent risk of danger in all outdoor activities. Gritstone instructors and guides are fully qualified and experienced in the delivery of their activities, Gritstone are insured for public and employers liability, risk assessments are kept up to date and equipment is monitored and replaced regularly. Customers must acknowledge that there are a small minority of danger factors which are out of the control of this company. By booking, you accept that you have read this statement.

Data Protection Statement (GDPR 2018)
Gritstone Adventure Activities (GAA) have to take some personal information from customers for health and safety reasons. We do not collect data for marketing purposes, but need to take medical information so that we can ensure the health and safety of participants. Any personal information we collect will be shared with staff instructors so that they can keep participants safe during activity. Personal information will not be shared outside of those employed by GAA and will not be used for marketing purposes without permission. Any personal information will be kept secure at GAA HQ and information used by instructors will be returned to GAA post activity. Medical information will be kept for 7 Years for legal reasons should there be an accident claim made against us. Participants will be given the option to send personal information to us using secure means.

Any Questions?

Got questions? Email us on