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ONLINE BOOKING AVAILABLE For Group Climbing Courses Only, Click Here.
Online Booking is not available for any other course or activity other than Group Climbing Courses, this is because we need to have a conversation with you so we can tailor your experience to your needs. Please email or call 07812713153.


Gritstone Adventure Activities hold an Adventurous Activities Licencing Authority (AALA) licence. This licence is only awarded to reputable outdoor activities providers that have been subject to strict and thorough HSE licencing conditions. This licence allows Gritstone Adventures to take unaccompanied under 18s on activity legally and safely, as well as guaranteeing that we are a reputable provider of activities for people of all ages.


Outdoor Activity Courses, First Aid and Guided Adventures: For all course enquiries and booking, please email or call 07812713153


Outdoor Activity Courses, First Aid and Guided Adventures