Gorge Scrambling – Peak District

Gorge Scrambling - Try something new...and wet!

What is Gorge Scrambling?

Wade, swim, scramble and climb up a beautiful stream and waterfalls in the Peak District. This adventure will be unlike anything you have done before; challenge yourself to reach the end while while overcoming the obstacles the gorge has to offer. You will wade through flowing water, climb short waterfalls, plunge into swirling pools with the help of your friends – before returning to a nearby pub! There is no vertical climbing or swimming involved and all difficulties can be avoided if needed – this is a fun half day out.

All specialist equipment is provided including wetsuits and emergency kit. You will be guided by professional outdoor activity instructors who are qualified in adventurous activity first aid.

Who's it for?

This is a great activity for Stag and Hen dos, or for a group of friends wanting a fun challenge. As a half day activity, you may want to combine this event with another one by clicking here. For other Stag and Hen activites click here.


This is a group event and costs £35 to £45 per person depending upon group size – the larger the group the smaller the cost.


We take safety very seriously at Gritstone Adventures. Gorge Scrambling with us is as challenging or easy as you’d like it to be. There is no point in the activity where you are committed and you can escape from the water or obstacles at any point. Gritstone Adventure Activities and Gritstone’s instructors are fully insured and trained in outdoor specific first aid. Full emergency equipment is carried and instructors know how to use it. Although this activity is in a beautiful and dramatic moorland location, it is never more than 20 minutes from a road and place to get warm and dry. Our instructors are employed for their ability to put nervous people at ease, relate to people and provide a fun and safe activity.

Gorge Scrambling - Peak District Try something new and adventurous in a beautiful moorland setting, try Gorge Scrambling with Gritstone Adventures.