Welcome to Gritstone Adventure Activities Ltd. We specialise in Peak District Outdoor Activities, Challenge Events, Group Outdoor Activities – as well as a range of activities and training courses in Climbing, Caving, Water Sports, Navigation, Abseiling, Trekking and First Aid for adults or children. Follow our pre-planned events and courses or create your own based on your requirements.

Pre arranged or tailor made...

Take a look at our progressive courses or pre arranged adventures in Climbing, Caving, Abseiling, Water Sports and more. If you can’t find what your looking for, we can devise a course or adventure to your preferences. All of our courses and adventures are centred around your needs; from easy walks and climbs to fully supported muti-day activity packages. Our instructors are selected not only for their extensive expertise, but also for their positive attitudes to life and their love of training and leading people in the outdoors. Our aim is to send you home satisfied that you had a great day out, and knowing that you have learned skills which have opened up new horizons for you. Call 07812713153 or email al@gritstoneadventures.co.uk