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Gritstone Adventure Activities - About us

Gritstone Adventure Activities was founded in the Peak District in 2013 to empower people wishing to improve their outdoor skills or simply to allow people to escape into Britain’s spectacular the countryside for fun and adventure.

Gritstone Adventure Activities promise that the emphasis of their activities is on enjoyment while improving the skill level of clients.

Gritstone Adventure Activities cater directly to the needs of their clients; whether they wish to learn new outdoor skills or just have fun for the day – and courses can be tailored to the requirements of the group or individual; Gritstone Adventure Activities will be pleased to accommodate.

Gritstone Adventure Activities can also offer nationally accredited and recognised qualifications in First Aid and Navigation skills.

We have a license from the Health and Safety Executive (AALA) to deliver activities to unaccompanied under 18s as well as adults.

  • Climbing
  • Caving
  • Canoeing and Water Sports
  • Navigation
  • Mountain First Aid Courses
  • Mountain Adventures
  • Expedition Leader Hire

For more information on courses and services we now provide, see the courses page.

Gritstone Adventure Activities - About us Our Instructors...

Gritstone Adventures Instructor Staff:

Our Instructors are obsessed with outdoor activities. Our Instructors are highly qualified Mountain Leaders or Mountaineering instructors who have been walking, climbing and mountaineering with passion for their whole lives. They are drawn from all over the hill and mountain areas of the UK and have an intimate knowledge of the UK’s wild and beautiful places.

Our instructors have worked with the full range of clients, from young kids who are being introduced to the outdoors for the first time, to running progressive and advanced technical mountaineering courses to adults.

Our instructors are selected for their positive attitude to life and their love of sharing their experience with others. Our instructors are personable, friendly and fun – and when the chips are down, they are the ones eating the chips! Our instructors are sensitive to people’s needs and understand that they may be working with people who are well out of their comfort zone. Our instructors will never put pressure on a client – only encouragement.

Our instructors are the best in the business.