Indoor climbing walls are great for training, great for socialising and a perfect place to begin climbing. But really, climbing isn’t all about the physical act of ascending a wall. Climbing is about being immersed in the environment, not only because we have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world here in the UK, but also for the sounds of mountain and moorland, the smell of the heather and the tactile feel of hundred million year old rock. Climbing is an outdoor activity.

Many of our climbing customers are regular indoor climbers who come to us to make the transition to outdoor climbing. Outdoor climbing to the beginner can seem daunting. Those wishing to break into outdoor climbing will have seen climbing magazine pics and Instagram posts of climbers ascending crags and cliffs and notice a bewildering array ropes, knots and equipment – wondering how it all works. It’s easy to feel like outdoor climbing with ropes takes many years of experience to understand, but the fact is – it’s not complicated. Most beginner climbers can pick up ropework, knots and equipment use really quickly – they just need to be shown.

Climbing outside is about climbing, it’s not all about fancy ropework and shiny gear. My advice is don’t be put off by not having technical skills at the start; if you have climbing within you but you are nervous about making the leap to outdoor climbing, then just go ahead and do it – you just need a small amount of guidance first. If you have the will to climb then you’ll be able to get competent enough to become an independent outdoor climber. A good way into outdoor climbing is to join a climbing club, the BMC is the best resource for this here: BMC. If you’d like more personalised, tailored and faster way in to outdoor climbing we run very poplar, tailor made rock climbing courses here Climbing Courses Peak District If you need to chat about your options just drop me an email – my name’s AL.